Terrence O’Neil Frierson (T-Bone)

      Born in Detroit, Michigan in 1962. I began my musical journey at Barber middle School in Highland Park MI, while playing drums at the age of five.

      I started playing and singing with Rev. James Marks & the Voices of Heaven of Detroit, Michigan. After graduating from Highland Park high school I joined the United States Army in 1980-1984. After my military experience, I moved to Minneapolis, MN to fulfill my dreams with the three times Grammy Award Winning gospel recording group "Sounds of Blackness."

     The "Sounds of Blackness" gained international recognition in 1991 with the album release of “The Evolution of Gospel” produced by Jimmy Jam Harris & Terry Lewis of Perspective Records/ A&M records with the Hit Single“Optimistic” my first Professional Recoding.

     I recorded my first solo Recording in 2007 titled The Time Has Come, touring in London and Japan. My second CD releases November 6, 2012. The latest Gospel Recording titled, Taste-N-See That the Lord Is Good. Produced by: Keith (Father Time) Porter of BoppDuWopp Records. Currently working on a Christmas CD with producer Marcus Reed of Detroit MI and Keith (Father Time) Porter of BoppDuWopp Records.

      My New Hit Single “You Don’t Believe” written & Produced by Edmond L. Harrison of Diamonds Ring Records, sponsored by
Do u Flow Sing Rock.com

      Being supernaturally active in my church home, The Living Word Church and World Outreach Ministries St. Paul MN, under the appointed authority of Apostle Lesley and Pastor Rosella Ford.

       This is what gives me strength to do Gods work... This is my story. This is my dream. This is my mission. Let no man steal your dream. Your dreams are God’s gift to your future if you choose to accept them.

      A person without a dream is a person without a life. Hold on to your dreams, dreams are goals. Goals demand word. Work desires dedication. Dedication takes commitment. Commitment brings success!

     Success needs sacrifice. Sacrifice develops opportunity, and what is opportunity but a dream. Always Be ready!!!

All Thanks to GOD.